I have made it through the fight, now I’m coming home

Day 4 (May 14): The Ladies - Lightning

Anonymous said: are you a righty or a lefty?

Lefties had problems firing rifles in the army. I didn’t have any problems.

If you’re talking about brains, no, I don’t believe in left/right brained people. The University of Utah has made a study on it suggesting there is no such thing. 

Anonymous said: Why do you think she's going to meet Hope at the end of the novel?

This is strangely convenient, I just explained this on another website not too long ago…

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Anonymous said: Incoming long post. I just want to let you know that your tumblr page is the best Lightning page on tumblr. I found your page through Gamefaqs for the Famitsu translations, and I'm glad that I landed here. Even if the XIII saga is over, I really do hope you continue to update your page. On another note, I was wondering if you take graphic requests? I plan on modding my Madcatz TE fightstick, and I would love to have your work of Lightning for the artwork. If not, that's fine. Love your work!

Thank you for the kind words anon <3

I will continue to update this page for as long as my fire for Lightning burns. However I just took up a 7-days-a-week job, so my activity will be severely reduced for the time being.

Regarding your request, I normally do take graphics requests, but I think I have no interest in creating a wallpaper-esque graphic for a console fighting stick, sorry. But do check back. If I’m inspired I might make one for you :>

Anonymous said: Who do you think Lightning met at the end of the LR Novel?



Arno Dorian by tincek-marincek

And here’s finished Arno from new Assassin’s Creed Unity by Ubisoft. Like usually, I drew him in Photoshop for 17 hours. More info you can check on links above. Enjoy.

You are the Inquisitor.


there’s no world without you


do you ever see someone loving on ur fav character and ur like

u have good taste but

they’re mine

favorite garbs;

Anonymous said: Your love for Lightning is so overbearing it's kinda scary sorry

Eh… I guess I can take that as a compliment? :/

I want that for her, from the very bottom of my heart. “